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This web site relates to Liberal Social Democratic Politics and a possible and prospective Liberal Social Democratic Party proposal.

My name is Bret Busby, and I live in Armadale, Western Australia.

I have created this web site, to publish material relating to my political ideals, which I believe would be classified as Liberal Social Democratic ideals.

The proposal contained in this web site, and the politics involved, result from the research done by me, into and in comparing, economic and political systems, and proposed economic and political systems, and, using as a starting point, the Social Democratic Party of Australia, that I believe, originated from Ted Roach, as described in the published article, wherein, at as viewed on 20150909, was

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) was a minor centre-left Australian political party active from 1980 to 1983. Formed in 1980, it drew inspiration from the citizen-based social democratic parties of Western Europe in Switzerland, Germany and Sweden, as distinct from trade union controlled labour parties in Britain, Australia and New Zealand. It advocated more democracy in society such as citizen initiated referenda, workers elected onto the board of large companies to reduce strikes and overpayment of directors, and harmony between trade unions and big business. The party unsuccessfully contested the 1983 Australian federal election and then supported the new Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, a social democrat, hoping for political reform. The SDP was based on a booklet called "Progress Without Poverty and Conflict" by Ted Roach. 

and, the content of that publication.

I have published a scanned copy of the content of that publication, for the pages numbered 2 through 13 of that publication, at .

The document is in the PDF format, so you will need a PDF viewer, to view it. The file of the publication as I have published it, is about 4.5MB in size.

I have so published the publication content, as I believe that it is in the public interest, for that material to be freely available, and, I believe that my so publishing the publication content, without any intent of me profiting from the publication, is consistent with the policies of the document.

If Ted Roach, who I have been unable to find, to contact regarding this, and, regarding trying to obtain a copy or copies of the document, or, any of his heirs and successors, should he not be still alive, has any comments to make regarding my so publishing the publication content, I would welcome the comments, and, should I be required to terminate the publishing of the publication content, then I will do as required.

I do not claim all of the material that I publish on this web site, to be originally created by me; I will try to credit the work of others, as I use it, and, hopefully, I will not infringe intellectual property, or, copyright protections, on any work that I republish on this web site. If you have any problem with copyright or intellectual property, with what I have published on this web site, please contact me - email address is at the bottom of this and each web page - and I will try to negotiate a resolution.

I intend to work on this web site as time goes on.

Please return, from time to time, and review this web site, which will hopefully be progressively updated.

Why the name "Liberal Social Democratic"?

The explanation of the reasoning leading to the use of the term "Liberal Social Democratic" can be found on the web page at .


A web page with some considerations relating to a proposed Liberal Social Democratic Party can be found on the web page at .

Clean Energy

A web page relating to Clean Energy, can be found at .

Human Rights

A web page relating to Human Rights, can be found at Rights.html .

The Australian Compulsory Superannuation Levy

A web page relating to the Australian Compulsory Superannuation Levy, can be found at .

Taxation - including "Negative Gearing" and Capital Gains Tax

A web page relating to taxation - including "Negative Gearing" and Capital Gains Tax, can be found at .

Republican Models

A web page relating to Republican Models, can be found at .


Policies for a proposed Liberal Social Democratic Party can be found on the web page at .

A web page relating to the methods of selecting Australian Senators

Some thoughts relating to the High Court of Australia Case No.S77 of 2016, regarding methods of selecting Senators for Australia, and Australian constitutional provisions relating to the Australian Senate. can be found on the web page at .

And, another web page relating to the change to the methods of selecting Australian Senators,
that is a copy of a Letter To The Editor of a local publication,
which saw fit to not publish the Letter

A copy of the Letter To The Editor, sent 08 May 2016, regarding methods of voting for Australian senators, can be found on the web page at .

Proposed Referendum Questions

Proposed referendum questions that should be put to the voters, can be found on the web page at .

This web page is authorised and published by Bret Busby, 2 Pelham Street, Armadale.

I can be contacted by email by clicking on the link at Bret

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